Our Story

Back in time to the year 2000, a civil engineering graduate decided to shift his career motivated by the idea of improving a cultivation project owned by his family. He started to cultivate untraditional crops such as herbs & spices.

Two years later he was encouraged to export his own products to the global market. As a result, he established his own company with the legal name of United for Import & Export (Trade name: United for Herbs & Spices). The business growing across the years resulted a significant success & within the previous decade United Co. became one of the well-recognized Egyptian suppliers in the globe, particularly in the EU market.

Once again, United founder decided to have a new challenge by focusing on North America market. By the end of 2018 he carried the accumulated experience to establish a new business in Canada after immigrated with his family. The business background featured with experience gained from the early days allowed United – Canada to grow effectively. Although the global pandemic started in 2020, United is still approaching the fast track growing within the market.