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United for Herbs & Spices - Canada, which is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of a diverse range of dried herbs and spices (Organic and non-organic)
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Across the company's staff, we believe that quality is the main topic of our business mission which is a must to be applied to all functions.

Customer satisfaction

Our focus on customer satisfaction was the main reason of previous success and will be the platform of our further progress and expansion. (CEO)


Our development, expansion & long term customer relations are real evidence of experience gained along years.

Featured Products

Anise Format: Whole, Cracked, Fine cut (TBC), Powder
Basil Format: Whole, Rubbed (C/S), Fine cut (TBC), Powder
Basil Seeds Format: Whole, Powder
Calendula Format: Whole, petals, fine cut (TBC), Powder
Caraway Format: Whole, Cracked, Fine cut (TBC), Powder
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19 Watt street, unit 4
R2L 1R5, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.